Friday, November 28, 2014

Career Girls, The Real Reason You Should Learn How To Cook!

Sure men can cook these days…but they still appreciate a woman who can cook too!

I’ll admit that I’m a complete geek when it comes to the Food Network, the Cooking Channel, and hundreds of cook books!  While everyone else is watching “Scandal”, I’m watching “Chopped!”  My cooking curiosity dates back to my younger days of waking up on Thanksgiving mornings to soothing aromas in the kitchen while watching the Macy’s Day parade and then seeing the joy and laughter in the evening when everyone has stuffed themselves like a turkey when it’s cooked!

I think my generation really misses those days.  I talk to lots of my peers who also reminisce over those times.  I guess in our normal hustle and bustle of trying to earn a living and having “me” time, we forgot about our families or having “we” time.  Even what was considered a fun family activity after Thanksgiving, “Black Friday”, has resulted in more people being stressed out over trying to buy the next big thing.  It’s no wonder the one thing that was sacred, cooking Thanksgiving dinner, has all but been delegated to the menu of the chefs at your favorite local restaurant.

It’s interesting too because I’ve noticed more men have begun to master the art of cooking which was traditionally a female dominated world.  Not only have men mastered the art of cooking but now dominate many of the world’s finest restaurants.  On the other hand, women have begun to step out of that role and into more male dominated fields once led by men.

But even with men having just as many skills as women in the kitchen, I believe they still appreciate a woman who knows her way around the kitchen too.  To prove my theory, I asked my sweetie indirectly how he felt about us buying a whole Thanksgiving dinner rather than cooking it.  To which he responded, “The whole dinner?” as he sighed silently.  If you ask most men if they would rather date a woman who can cook than one who can’t cook, they would probably not even choose to answer the question for fear of being ridiculed by those of us women who believe that because we live in modern times, men shouldn’t relegate us to such menial tasks.  But secretly they wink (if only in their heads!). 

And by the way, I’m certainly not saying a woman is required to cook to gain a man’s attention or affection.  I’m just saying it’s just a nice little thing to do to show him that you care.  You see, most men remember growing up to seeing their mothers and grandmothers sweating over a hot stove just to make something wonderful and special for their family.  You bring them nostalgia about the “good old days” and help them to feel at peace even when they have the weight of the world on their shoulders.  They think of you as the one person who can make them feel good at home while they prepare to go out in the world to protect their family.

So ladies, I know you’ve climbed the highest mountain in your career, swam the deepest seas but ask yourself what it would cost you to put a little extra love in the kitchen?  It doesn’t have to be a big meal and you don’t have to be “Betty Crocker” nor “Chef Boyardee”.  All you need is a little bit of TLC (tender loving care).  As long as it’s made with the finest ingredients of love, he’ll thank you for it. 

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