Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Non-Flirting Flirty Way To Flirt

Flirting not your thing…try this to get his attention!
I’ll admit I’m a hopeless romantic but I’ve never thought flirting was one of my core strengths.  I have girlfriends that could attract the opposite sex like bees to honey.  Just give them a minute and a good looking guy and they’re off and running.  I laugh because I don’t even think it takes that long!  I used to dread going out with them because I knew if I spotted a guy I liked they would take him first!
The art of flirting is such a lost art.  I think it’s because most of us fear rejection.  If we take the time to flirt with someone and they reject us, it hurts our pride and ego.  We feel unwanted and unloved.  Eventually we resolve to never do it again or at least not until the other person likes us first.  It’s our way of preventing the pain of feeling rejected.
Most people think flirting is looking at a person until they succumb to your creepy stare.  But that will drive the person away faster than anything.  Other people think that flirting is about the flip of your hair and while this is flirty, it’s not the end all!  There are other ways to get his attention without even trying. 
Flirting can be so much fun even when it isn’t one of your strengths.  I’ve listed some of my favorite old school ways to flirt that are less obvious and won’t cost you anything other than your time and patience with the process.
1.       Clothes and accessories – Most people don’t realize that your clothes speak before you do!  Your clothes say a lot about you when you enter the room.  When you feel good, you dress the part.  When you don’t feel good, you don’t dress the part hoping no one will notice you.  Clothes are like our secret silent language making it a great way to flirt with that special someone without saying a word to them.  I recommend soft colors that signal romance and fitted clothing that allows him to admire your curves.  If clothes are the first thing he sees from you, why not make a great first impression!
2.       Tone of voice – Voice is the most underrated way of flirting.  Have you ever heard a woman who has either a high pitched child-like voice or a woman with a super sulky voice that screams of seduction?  There is something about their voice that drives men wild.  Unless you are a professional speaker, singer or other professional who uses their voice a lot, you are probably not giving your voice the tender loving care that it needs.  But this is such a simple and cost-free way to flirt with the man of your dreams.  It’s certainly worth it to train your voice to speak in a super sexy tone!
3.       Friendliness – This is another underrated way to flirt.  Think about all the guys who were friendly and open to you when you may have been a bit lost or shy.  The friendlier they were to you, the more you thought about it and felt good after meeting them.  This has a huge magnifying effect on men who envision their future wife being an open and friendly person not just to him but also to others around him as well.  You will be someone they can’t wait to take home to momma!
4.       Displaying your kindness and generosity – I meet so many men who seem to be magnetized by kind and generous women.  Men think if a woman is kind and generous to them, she’ll also be kind and generous to their family as well.  And this doesn’t mean she’s a doormat but that she has a kind heart and is kind and generous to everyone she meets which is incredibly sexy to men.
5.       Being Miss Congeniality – I’m reminded of this flirty technique with my sweetheart who loves women who epitomize “Miss Congeniality”.  He says there is nothing sexier and flirty than a woman who loves life.  I agree with him.  I love to be around people who are full of life.  They attract all types of people.  And don’t worry if you’re not the “Miss Congeniality” type.  As long as you are loving and living life to the fullest extent, men will be at your feet in no time.
Hopefully, I’ve helped those of you who don’t claim to be super flirty but would like to still be able to attract men.  Don’t get me wrong, eye contact is still probably the number one way to flirt but my purpose in writing this article is for those of you who may be a little shy with using such techniques as they are more obvious to the person to whom you are flirting.  From your clothes, tone of voice, friendliness, kindness and generosity, to being “Miss Congeniality”, these are fun and much more natural ways to get his attention.  And if you don’t get his attention, there’s probably a few others whose attention you did get from using such techniques.
Good Luck!
Thanks for reading!
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