Friday, December 5, 2014

Workshop Series: The Psychology of Dating, Why We Date The Way We Do

We are hosting a workshop called “The Psychology of Dating: Why We Date The Way We Do” on January 3 at 2pm in Hanover, MD. In this workshop, we’ll be covering a variety of subjects for singles including topics such as why you may be drawn to dating the “bad guy” even when you know that person is not good for you or maybe you seem to be more attracted to the “model type” but those relationships haven’t resulted in any long term success for you. Maybe you seem to sabotage every great relationship you’re in when you get closer to someone. We’ll even cover why online dating works for some people while others seem to be on a continuous hamster wheel finding no real long term results. Through my years of experience as a dating coach and professional matchmaker and my observations of hundreds of singles, I’ll teach you my tips and strategies to understand and conquer the dating journey once and for all.
Please don’t miss this great event. We’ll try to unlock the secret codes of dating so you can move to a new level in your love life!

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