Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Does your ‘love handles’ affect who you date?

Your weight maybe directly proportional to the type of singles you meet!

Studies show that more than 60% of people put on weight when they’re in a relationship.  This comes as no surprise to those who have enjoyed the comforts of a relationship including the quality time spent indoors cooking delicious meals and cuddling up with the one you love.  But what happens when that relationship hits a “dead end” and you have to go back out into the dating world.  Most newly identified singles find that those “love handles” that once were thought to be cute and adorable by your spouse are surprised to find out they are a hindrance when competing against other successfully fit singles.

Listen, if you don’t believe me, ask those singles who have been struggling to take weight off that they accumulated in their previous relationship.  Having been out in the dating market, they know the challenges of trying to stay positive even when they know their weight is an issue.  It’s really very subtle too!  The best example of this is when you meet someone in person that you met online and you notice their disappointment in seeing that you carry a little more weight than they originally thought in your online profile.  Or maybe you haven’t seen someone in a long time only to discover they have packed on the weight since you last saw them.   In either case, the rejection can be brutal.

Now although most of us find this to be extremely superficial.  I mean…what about the value of the person on the inside?  Oh yeah…if only the world were like this!  We’re all superficial in our own little ways.  After all, we’re only human!  I would like to think the world we live in only judges us based on who we are on the inside and overlooks what we have physically on the outside but I would be lying.  As human beings, we see the outside of people first, then go with what’s on the inside. 

To make my case even further, let’s go a bit deeper into the truth.  Most people aren’t really wondering how much weight you’ve gained, necessarily.  In fact, physically, most people are happy dating someone of average weight in proportion to their height and size.  Gaining a few extra pounds is hardly going to be a deal breaker but gaining a lot of pounds is.  And there’s the real issue.  You see, most singles are really looking for how you take care of yourself and that includes your health.  Although most people will sympathize with someone obese or overweight, they may not want to date them either.

But let’s look at the bright side!  Losing weight and getting fit is wonderful for your health.  Keeping yourself in shape increases your metabolism and energy levels so you can live an active life.  Besides, who wants to date someone who barely has enough energy to sustain a conversation!  Losing excess weight may be the best decision you can make to not only feel better about yourself but attract the person of your dreams too!

So does your “love handles” affect who you date?  As I’ve mentioned, having a few extra curves probably won’t be the thing that gets you the “boot” from a potential suitor.  But most people who are overweight didn’t think that gaining a few extra pounds would make a difference either until one day they woke up and realized they weren’t getting the dates or meeting the type of singles they wanted to meet anymore.  And that was their wake up call.   

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