Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Why Mate Guarding Makes Me Uneasy....

Seductive or Neurotic….

I love my sweetheart but he gets very protective of me with the prospect of other “sperm” nearby.  I see him turn into one of those apes in the jungle beating his chest whenever his woman is being hunted by another male.  To make matters worse, he has very intense eyes like an alpha male and will stalk another man in a minute if he thinks there is a possibility of him stealing his prey-me!

First, let’s define mate guarding.  Wikipedia defines mate guarding as “defensive behavioral trait that occurs in response to sperm competition; males try to prevent other males from approaching the female (and/or vice versa) thus preventing their mate from engaging in further copulations.”  Doesn’t that make you feel all woozy inside?  No wonder we females feel like a piece of meat.  That’s because we are!

Well, for me, it usually starts as an innocent smile or nod given by a guy I just met.  In return, I give him a meaningless smile back so I don’t come across as pretentious or worse, downright mean.  My sweetheart will see this exchange of gestures and will hunt the guy down with his intense eyes and broad chest to show who’s in charge until the guy doesn’t have any further interest in me.  Now just to make sure that the other guys in the room know whose woman I am-he gives them a stern look too!  And then when he’s won the battle, he looks back at me, smiles with his eyes, goes to his corner and rests. 

Now most women would be thrilled to have their man be protective over them.  But I get too embarrassed by the whole thing, particularly when I’m standing there watching him do it.  I start sweating profusely, my emotions become fully aroused, and I feel like I either want to pass out or have an orgasm!  On one hand, it makes me feel like I want to grab him and kiss him.  And on the other hand, I want to go run and hide out with the other little women until the battle is over between him and the other male apes. 

I’ll admit that at the end of the day I always feel special when he becomes so jealous over me with other men.  And it does seem to stimulate my senses to see two men who have nothing in common with each other “battle it out” to protect their prey.  I laugh when I think about how civilized and intellectual we are as human beings yet so primal in our biological responses to our environmental influences.  As women, we still want the “knight in shining armor” and men still want to protect their “damsel in distress”.  Men still like to pursue their prey and women still like this pursuit. 

I guess as a woman I’ll never fully grasp the concept of mate guarding and why, for years, men have resorted to this tactic whenever they feel threatened.  And of course, as you can tell, I’ll probably always have mixed emotions when it comes to them protecting any disruption to their “copulation”.  Still, there is something sexy and seductive about a man who will wage war against his competition and come out on top.  So maybe my uneasiness is in the seduction that it brings which is not really a bad thing!  Wink-Wink!

Good Luck!

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