Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Why Not Say Yes?

Image result for yesSo this morning I started thinking about what it would be like for a woman to say yes to every guy who asked her out on a date.  I laughed because I said that girl would have the “it” factor.  For many of us, we have so many restrictions about who we should go out on a date with that we end up home alone on a Saturday night wondering why we never get a date.

But the “it” girl knows that you need to kiss plenty of frogs to get to the prince.  Now I’m sure Miss “It” isn’t exactly feeling all the guys she dates but the key here is that she is open to them.  Her openness to the world is what makes her so attractive.  In other words, she is not closed-minded and sees the date as a chance to explore her options.  She’s just enjoying her time with a nice man who chose to take her out on a date.

You see, the reality is that we tend to jump past the date.  Before we get to the date, we’re thinking about his shoe size, how much paper he got in his pocket, how tall he is, how many children he got, how many degrees, etc…etc.  And all the guy did was ask us out on a date-not marry us!

So in getting back to my point, if you’ve been single for awhile, I challenge you to say yes to dates for 2017.  I challenge you to go out on dates even with guys who don’t exactly match your criteria for dating.  I know you wanted to find a tall, chocolate brother who looks like your father and the guy who asks you out is a short half black, half Puerto Rican guy, but let’s give him a chance anyway.  Supposed he turns out to be the best thing that’s happened to you.  You never know until you try.

Listen, I’m not here to convince you to change your preferences and criteria for dating.  I’m just here to help challenge you to be more open to the possibilities that are out there.  Every woman I know has her own special type of beauty and I guarantee you that there is a man somewhere who admires it.  And no, he may not be her ideal match, but may be just what she needs to truly be happy.

Why not say yes to love?

P.S….by the way if you take this challenge…let me know what happens!….for safety measures please do meet in a public place…let your family and friends know where you’re going…and have fun!

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