Friday, January 13, 2017

The Rules work....that's all!

To this day, I am still amazed at how well the Rules work.  Say what you want but time and time again the Rules tend to be right.  I can’t make this stuff up folks!  I like to first observe the beginning of relationships to see whether they start out “Rulesy”, then watch the relationship progress over time.  If the beginning started out well, usually the relationship will continue on in that manner.  If it didn’t, then that’s how the relationship will end too.

For example, he spots her across the room.  He shyly walks over and says something to her.  She blushes and the two start a conversation smiling the whole time.  That’s a perfect beginning.  Or on the other hand, she spots him, starts flirting with him to get his attention.  He flirts with her to be nice to her.  She walks over to him and gives him her phone number.  He calls her 5 days later, finds her somewhat interesting but doesn’t think to call her back.  However, she takes it upon herself to call again since he showed “some” interest towards her.  She asks him out on a date.  He reluctantly goes but checks his cell phone the whole night.  Later, she learns he was checking his cell phone to see if his girlfriend had called.

Yup, that’s how it goes.  And that’s why the Rules work so well.  To help you avoid such catastrophes from happening in the first place.  If she would have been more patient in this situation, she may have realized that he wasn’t that interested and been enjoying her time with someone else.  The Rules’ authors say they wrote the book to help women avoid such pain in their lives.  You got enough pain to deal with and man pain shouldn’t be one of them.

The Rules are great because in applying them, you get to weed out men who are just not that interested and that’s okay.  They help you attract the men who are interested.  What I’ve found is the more Rules you apply, the less likely you are to run into ineligible men and the more likely you are to attract eligible men suitable for dating.

But it’s not that easy getting off the phone when you really like someone.  And having to end the date early when you’re in love is torture.  But in the long run, it keeps a man anticipating the next time he sees you.  It makes him want you even more.  Patience is key.  And pretty soon, you won’t have to end the date early because you’ll be married to him! 

Don’t you want to be a Rules Girl!

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