Thursday, September 5, 2013

Game On Ladies! The Top 5 Dos and Don’ts To Watching Football!

Sarah joined fans to sing the team anthem….only problem was she sang the anthem of the other team!
I’ll admit I’m a HUGE football fanatic.  On any given day, you’ll see me at tailgate parties, painting my face with the team colors or performing odd rituals in hopes that my team will win the championship.  Over the years, the game of football has quickly become a huge popular past time beating out baseball as the great American sport.  But don’t take my word for it, just go to the grocery store on any given Sunday morning and watch the amount of people wearing the team colors in your city or state.
I encourage women to get into the game of football because men love women who follow and understand the game.  Sure, they would date a woman who isn’t into the game but I’m sure most of them would prefer a woman who is so they can understand why they dedicate their whole life…ahem…I mean Sundays following it.
So I’ve decided to write a few do’s and don’ts for women who are interested in getting into the sport and would love to have a few tips on what to do to help make their transition successful.
1.       Pick A Favorite Team – Check out the local home team in your city or state.  It’s much more fun to share in the victory (or defeat!) with the locals who follow the game than to pick a team in a different state where you can’t join in the festivities.   
2.       Be Knowledgeable About Football And Your Team! – I’ve seen guys light up when a woman knows her stuff about football.  It’s like they’ve met their future wife.  If you can “talk the talk”, they will love you even more.  Now if you can serve up a great entrée of Buffalo wings and cook a mean pot of Chilli, then you’ll be in there girlfriend!
3.       Make Friends With Other Fans (Preferably Men If You’re Single!) – Absolutely!  Now ladies, this is your time to shine.  There’s plenty of single men lurking  at the game or in sports bars and would love to see an attractive woman in which to converse about sports and football.  Even if you don’t “click” with any of those men, you’ll have met new friends (who can introduce you to more single male friends!)..wink wink!
4.       Break Out That Cute Little Jersey – You know we love fashion.  Why not buy a cute jersey or break out that cute outfit sporting your team colors.  You can be fashionable and also fun at the same time.  Just don’t overdo it!  This is where you’ll shine and…um…catch the attention of a certain someone!
5.       Learn To Drink Beer – Ladies, I know how you feel with this one.  Many of us have not acquired the taste of beer but if you’re at a sports bar, you may find it to be a lot cheaper to learn how to drink it.  I have a great tip for you on this one.  Ask the bartender if they have a sweeter version of a beer which should help you transition into drinking it.   They usually do have a brand of beer that is sweet just in case there’s a virgin drinker in the house!
1.        Flip Flop Between Teams – I’ll admit this one is a pet peeve of mine.  If you’re a Dallas Cowboys fan, please don’t jump on the Washington Redskin’s bandwagon when you’re team starts losing.  It just makes you seem like you aren’t very loyal to your team.  I’m sure if you’re cute enough, men won’t really care, just think you aren’t very serious about the game.
2.       Wear The Wrong Team Colors To A Game – If you can’t pick a favorite team but get invited to watch a  game, just wear the local team colors so you won’t stand out in the crowd, unless of course you really want to!  You don’t have to be a fan but it does show you’re at least respectful of the local area team.
3.       Tell Your Man You Want To “Talk” During The Game – This one is brutal!  Ladies, I know you have things on your mind and need to share them with your significant other but unless they’re life threatening emergencies, try to wait at least until after the game is over.  Men watch the game as a way to escape reality for a few hours and starting a serious conversation during that time will not go over very well.  You want him to be fully focused on you rather than tell you what you want to hear in that moment.
4.       Giving A Pep Talk To Your Man If The Team Loses –  You let him know “it’s just a game” but he feels it’s more than just a game.  It’s about the championship.  But win or lose, he’s prepared either way the game goes.  He’s been through this a million times.   He’ll get over it.
5.       Change The Channel During The Game – Picture this…you’re watching TV…the quarterback throws the ball….and CLICK!  The worse thing that you can do is turn the channel and it’s the game winning ball!  You wouldn’t like it if someone changed the channel on you so don’t do it to your friends and family. 

What’s there not to like about the game of football?  It brings together people of all backgrounds and ethnicities to share in the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat with fellow fans.  And not to mention, it’s a great way to meet that special someone.  So check the schedule, grab your girlfriends and spend a day at the game or your local sports bar.  Just try a few of the  tips from having a favorite team to being knowledgeable about the game  may just score you brownie points with Mr. Right.  And who knows, you may even decide to wear the team colors at your wedding!

Please DO add to this list of Do’s and Don’ts or share your own below.
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