Monday, September 30, 2013

Can Astrology, Numerology or Mysticism Help You Find Love?

Many techniques claim to help people find love…but can they?  Let’s see!
I’ve been naturally very intuitive all of my life.  Even when I didn’t know how to use my abilities, I could still see and sense things happening before they actually occurred.  I usually have an eerie sensation or very clear dreams right before an event happens.  I can’t tell you the number of things I’ve sensed or felt in my body before they happened.  Even in relationships, I can intuitively sense if a relationship will work out long term by the end of the 1st date, even when the guy hasn’t done anything wrong to warrant such suspicion.  I used to deny my abilities but as I’ve grown and matured, I’ve accepted them as gifts that can be used to help guide me in my life.
Along with my intuitive skills and abilities, I enjoy using techniques such as astrology and numerology to make interpretations or predictions as well.  They help me to clarify what my intuition is telling me so that I can articulate it to others in order to help them.  I’ve recently met and interacted with lots of people who would like to learn more about Mysticism and the Esoteric Sciences to help guide them in their quest to find love so I’ve decided to list the most popular methods below.
1.       Astrology – The study of the relationship between the stars and planets in the universe at a person’s birth date and how they influence a person’s life.  When most people think of Astrology, they think of the 12 signs of the Zodiac.  However, there is much more to Astrology than just knowing your Sun sign.  If you hire a professional Astrologer, the person should be able to provide you with a natal chart interpretation which helps you to understand why you may exhibit certain behaviors in your relationships or act a certain way in different environments.  They should be able to uncover your deepest needs and desires in love as opposed to what you think they are for long term compatibility.  You can also learn about the best times for marriage or when someone significant may enter your life.
2.       Using Psychics – According to Wikipedia, these are people who have abilities to perceive information which is hidden from the normal senses through extrasensory perception.  Most people are turned off from psychics because of what they’ve seen and heard on television from people who claim to be psychics having real powers when they’re really being opportunistic taking advantage of people who have sought their help.  However, I believe a good psychic should be able to help you with a greater understanding of what’s happening in your love life at this time and be able to answer any burning questions you may have with it.  They should also be realistic and not tell you what you want to hear but need to hear in order to make any types of adjustments in your life.  You should be able to walk away from the session with a sense of relief in your own awareness and perhaps even a sense of hope.
3.       Numerology – The study of the relationship between your birth numbers and how they can affect a person’s behavior and expression life.  It’s one of the easiest methods to learn but there’s so much more to understanding  what those numbers mean as it applies to you.  If you hire a numerologist, the person should be able to provide you with a blueprint of your strengths, challenges, and even the life cycles you may be in according to their methodology for interpretation.  Many people prefer this technique over Astrology and many others use both in their readings.
4.       Dream Interpretation Analysis – This is a method of tapping into your unconscious self as you sleep at night.  Have you ever had a dream which felt so real that you woke up and did not know it was a dream?  In dream interpretation, symbols and imagery as they appear to you in your dreams are decoded to help you understand it and decipher its clues to helping you in your current life.  For example, you may be able to identify any opportunities that you may be consciously unaware of and any hidden dangers that you may have missed.  Dreams can really tell you a lot about yourself if you can just begin to pay attention to the message.
In summary, I believe all of the above techniques and services listed are great ways for becoming more aware of your own character and how you relate to others in relationships.  Some techniques can provide you with more specific information such as Astrology and Numerology.  While other services such as using a Psychic or using Dream Interpretations may give you a high level view of yourself and any situations you face at this particular time.
So can mysticism and the esoteric sciences help you find love?  Well, there are certainly no guarantees to finding love.  You create your own destiny by your thoughts, deeds and actions.  These techniques can only help guide you in the right direction by presenting you with a wealth of knowledge and information in order for you to make better decisions.  I also believe in having a strong faith in God, believing in yourself, and practicing a little patience as keys for success in your journey.
Good Luck!

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