Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Looking For A Great Way To Meet People?…..Try Your Local Gym!

Have you avoided looking for love in the gym….you may want to reconsider!

As a “veteran” member in multiple gyms over the span of my lifetime, I have seen and heard it all.  I have seen people come and go in the gym.  Most of us veterans know that the month of January is when all the new people come in hoping for a solution to their weight loss goals.  And I would say somewhere between the 15th and the 31st of January is usually when they realize losing weight is not quite so easy as those infomercials selling fat loss would have you to believe.  But what if those same new members met someone special in their local gym.  I can almost bet you they would not only stay as active members but would also lose their desired weight as well.

In the past, I must admit I was very against meeting someone in the gym until I began fitness consulting services for my own business and started spending more and more of my time there.  While training in the gym, I started meeting lots of nice people and became very acquainted with them.  But what really changed my mind is the community connection you get in local gyms that cannot be replaced online.  People in local gyms all seem to root for the same teams, share the same community struggles and most importantly, get to know one another far better than dating some unknown person online.  This seems to be a much better way to meet someone since the person you meet in your local gym will more than likely live near you.  What more could you ask for in convenience!

There’s also more singles in the gym!  Most of the married people that I know, particularly the ones with kids, do not have the time to spend in the gym and will generally purchase at home gym equipment to maximize their time with their family.  On the other hand, singles have more time to dedicate to the gym and may spend countless hours there.  This is really good news if you’re single because it gives you a plethora of options to choose from in a mate.  And don’t forget most of the singles there tend to be in healthy shape too!  A huge plus in my book! 

In general, meeting your mate in the gym has many other benefits including having a “work out buddy” to cheer you on and encourage you through the roller coaster ride of losing weight.  From what I’ve seen in many gym newcomers, the ones who have partners or friends to work out with, maintain their goals far better than those who work out alone.  Besides, having your own “spotter” doesn’t hurt either!

So how does this process work you say?  Well, first you need to really work out!  Seriously!  Most of us veterans can spot the newbies very quickly because 1) they’re too scared to lift weights and 2) they look confused on the machines!  It’s quite alright though because most of us were new to the gym at one point in time and will appreciate your effort in being there.  However, to gain someone’s interest, you’ll need to look the part.  Please allow me to explain further.

If you look like you’re only going to the gym to meet your husband or wife, you’ll be identified immediately!  As I said before, most of the active members know the ones who are there to really work out and those who are there to put on a show.  The members who are truly there to work out are actually working out and don’t have hours to chat as if they’re in a club.  Your best bet is to have a purpose for being there and stick to it.

So to get you started on your fitness “love” journey, I have listed a few tips to help you!

1.       Dress The Part – If you’ve been out of the gym since the late 80’s then you’re probably in need of a wardrobe update.  And of course, if you’re just out of college where wearing a dirty t-shirt and sweatpants were the norm, think again!  Remember, first impressions count, especially when you’re single.  If you want to truly impress that special someone, spend a little extra money on quality work out attire.  It doesn’t have to be glamorous nor necessarily “En Vogue”, but it should fit you well and have a sense of your own taste and style attached to it.

2.       Establish Your Weight Loss Goals – Have a goal that you want to accomplish in the gym.  Most gym-goers have specific goals they want to hit including losing weight for that special date, school reunions, looking good in that bikini, etc.  Establishing a goal upfront will give you more purpose and will let others know you are not just there to flirt but also to improve yourself as well. 

3.       Hire a trainer to help you work out – If you’re new to the gym, hiring a trainer is a great to help you get started.  They’ll show you various equipment and fitness techniques you can use to hit your goals.  While you’re working out with the trainer, this can be a great way to get to know others in the gym with similar goals as well.

4.       Engage In Fun Group Co-ed Activities – If you’re going to be consistent in the gym, you’ll need a few incentives and having fun is one of them.  The more fun you have with your work out, the more you’ll stick to the plan.  Local gyms have made enormous strides in ensuring their members have access to the best group fitness instructors and the best group training programs to help their members lose weight.  From group cycling to group yoga, the group classes range from low intensity to high intensity based on your level of fitness.  And more importantly, you’re having fun with others and that is enough to make anyone fall in love!

5.       Be Friendly And Welcoming To Everyone – The best way to meet people is by being open and friendly to them.  Now some people in the gym take their workouts much too seriously but maybe you can be the one to help them lighten up!  These tend to be your neighbors and community leaders all in one place.  What better way to meet them than in your local gym.  Besides, you never know which one of them could be your soulmate!

 In short, there are no shortage of singles in the gym.  If you’ve tried online dating or dating in bars and clubs, this may be your next best option.  It’s safe, convenient and can be a positive experience for you.  There are many benefits to meeting your mate in the gym including sharing the same values/goals and a sense of a community connection as well.  Now I’m certainly not saying it’s a guarantee that you’ll meet “the one” there but it’s certainly worth a try!  So the next time you pass the gym on your way home, stop in and look around.  Your special guy or girl just may be there.

Thanks for reading!

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