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Secrets To Dating Like A Pageant Chick

The longest standing pageant in America is the Miss America pageant which began in the 1920s.  Growing up I would sit and watch the Miss America pageant with my family as we watched the girls model their swimsuits and evening gowns across the stage.  I can remember debating with my family which of the girls would win as the best contestant.  Through the years, there’s been a host of other pageants to come about such as the Miss USA pageant and countless others with young women hungry with the hope of wearing the crown.

What is it about pageantry that appeals to so many young women you might ask?  Well, other than the glitz and glamor of it, many women are transformed from ugly ducklings to beautiful swans right before the eyes of adoring fans.  What most people don’t realize is the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes in the tranformation process, which makes it so rewarding, and why you should want to try their tips in your own personal life as well.

Sure, you may not be a pageant girl but it may be fun to pretend and apply their style.  Here are the top 10 secrets to dating like a ”pageant chick.”  We’ll understand if you don’t want to share them with your BFF!

1.    Have A Bikini-Ready (or healthy) Body  There are many health benefits to eating right and working out that go far beyond pageantry or dating.  People tend to live longer when they eat nutritional meals and add a little exercise to their daily regimen.  Not to mention, men tend to be attracted to women who appear to be healthy, even if they’re not a size 4.  
2.    Have A Stylish Look For Your Hair – Add a little flair to your hairstyle whether it be a great color, cut, or add pieces to your hair that will give you the look you want for your date with that special guy.
3.    Have A Fun-loving Personality – Where do you think the term ”Miss Congeniality” came from?  It was created as a way to appreciate and reward the girl that was the most likeable and friendly in the competition.  A woman who appears to be likeable and having fun always wins dates.  Men love to be around women who won’t stress them out but cause them to feel good while he is with her.
4.    Find A Great Cause To Believe In – Many women are drawn into pageantry to promote and bring awareness to the causes they truly believe in for society.  For example, if you care about saving our planet, you could do research into local opportunities in which you could help.  Having a cause that you care about tends to make you more compassionate towards the needs of others and score you brownie points on dates.
5.    Develop A Great Talent – How many times have you been amazed by someone who gets on stage and moves you to tears with their extraordinary talent.  If you have an interesting talent that you think others will enjoy, try to develop that talent and showcase it to others.  Some people think it’s beauty that wins the heart of men, I would beg to differ.  I think a woman who has a special talent like the ability to sing like an angel can actually have much more of a chance.
6.    Have Great Posture – There’s something to be said about a woman who can stand tall with her back and shoulders straight and hold her head high.  It may be the underlying confidence assumed from her body language.  She commands respect (and usually gets it!).
7.    Whiten Your Teeth – Pageant girls should be camera ready at all times, particularly with that perfect smile.  Have you ever noticed the amount of time they have to smile on stage?  Now imagine if they hadn’t taken the time beforehand to whiten their teeth?  Exactly!  Whether you are on or off stage, having your teeth whitened can make a difference in the way you feel about your smile and the compliments you receive on your date.
8.    Know Your Colors – I learned this through working with an image consultant.  She says that a woman should know which colors match her skin and make her look her best.  One good tip to determine your best colors is the amount of compliments you get while wearing a certain shade.  For example, if people are always complimenting you when you wear a certain shade of red, pay attention, you may have your match.
9.    Be Well Versed In A Variety Of Subjects As a pageant girl, having to know some of everything has to be the most challenging task.  You never know what questions the judges will ask of you.  However, it’s also the most rewarding because it makes you more well-rounded.  This can apply for dating as well.  You certainly don’t have to study like a pageant girl but you should know a little about what’s going on in the world in case you’re out at an event or on a date and the subject seems to up.  No one wants to be seen as an ”air-head” so knowing a little about various subjects can go a long way.
10.  Have A Winning Attitude – Winning a pageant is the same as winning on a date.  When you believe you can, you will!  When you believe you will, you do!  If you walk into it with the right mindset, then you will come out of it as a winner, regardless of the outcome. 

As you can see, you certainly don’t have to be a ”pageant chick” in order to appreciate and apply these tips to your own lives.  You just need to be open to the possibilities.  Using a few of their secrets combined with a winning attitude towards life should get you the man of your dreams, or at the very minimum, lots of adoring fans!

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