Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Valentine’s Series…Top Qualities To Get Noticed By Men Now!

Part II….Which qualities do men like about me?

For those of you following this series, you’ll recall in my prior blog topic we started this journey focused on your image and style in order to get noticed by men.  We reviewed a few concepts including wearing colors that look good on you, the style of fashion you are most comfortable with, and the style of hair that will drive the fellas wild.  My goal in the first series was to ensure you are projecting a positive image of yourself to others so you can make a great first impression on the guy you would like to attract.

The second part of our series is to be able to identify the specific factors about a woman that gets her noticed.  Through my observations and experiences, there are several factors that each strike a chord in a man’s eye.  They include beauty, talent, friendliness, great poise, fame and other traits.  Some women may have one or two of these elements while others may have all of them.  We’ll discuss them in depth so that you have a better understanding of them and how they can help you get noticed by men.

1.      Beauty – Although we hate to admit it, a beautiful woman will always be attractive to men.  Have you ever noticed how a beautiful woman can walk into a room and capture the attention of every male there without any effort?  And why else do we as women go through such painstaking lengths to enhance our beauty.  If you don’t agree, then go to your local drugstore where there is a whole entire section dedicated to beauty products and cosmetics.  As human beings, we like to look at beautiful people because it makes us feel better about ourselves, particularly when the result of being around a beautiful person is that it draws attention back to us.  Still, as the old saying goes, beauty is only skin deep.  But when it comes to getting noticed by men, beauty will always remain a top contender.

2.      Talent/Gift – I’ve seen so many talented singers who may not be all that beautiful but can sing like an angel or musicians who can play like they are in a symphony orchestra.  You may even be considered the best cook in town as judged by your family and friends.  Having a talent is a factor that will get you noticed because it allows you to distinguish yourself and stand out in the crowd, especially among men whom you want to attract.  I also think that you are operating at your very best when you are utilizing your gifts which makes you more attractive to a potential suitor and therefore will get you noticed fairly quickly.

3.      Friendliness and Approachability – This is by far the easiest and most well received factor for getting noticed by men.  If you don’t think you’re necessarily the prettiest girl in the room or the most talented, then you can certainly be the most approachable.  I’ve seen a “Plain Jane” girl get noticed by men just for being likeable and friendly with them.  As long as you are confident with yourself, have an open and approachable attitude, you’ll be the center of every man’s attention.  Even a woman considered to be beautiful may get noticed by men but if she has a nasty attitude or look on her face, they may stop right there and never decide to meet her.

4.      Great Poise – When I think of great poise, I think of the classic bombshells including Dorothy Dandridge, Marilyn Monroe, Lana Turner or Elizabeth Taylor who never made a movement that didn’t count.  The woman with great poise can stroll across the street and cause accidents to happen.  Every move is carefully (or un-carefully!) planned to receive just the right reaction from a potential suitor.  Whether it is the move of her hips or the arch of her back, she knows how to attract attention and usually gets it!   

5.      Fame and Popularity – This is a tough category because not everyone can and will be famous or popular but I would be remiss if I did not mention it in this listing.  When you’re famous, you become someone of distinction and you become a recognizable face in the crowd.  Having fame has the power to open many doors that may not otherwise be opened for the average person.  Some men are drawn to these types of women who have achieved a certain status, fame or popularity because they know these women may be able to help them open doors too.  By the way, you don’t have to be a world renowned star, you can achieve fame right in your own local neighborhood, city or state increasing your chances of getting noticed.

6.      Other – I know many of you will wonder why I did not mention intelligence and kind-heartedness.  It is because I believe these are wonderful traits for a woman to possess but they come after the other factors mentioned above.  Unfortunately, no one is going to clearly see these traits when you are in a grocery store, walking with your dog in the park or even dating online unless you meet them in specific venues.  For example, if you want to be noticed by your intelligence, you may want to take classes in a local college where intelligence is recognized and rewarded by your peers.  Or maybe kind-heartedness is your strength and you want a guy to notice this about you.  In this instance, you may want to try to do activities in the community such as becoming more involved in helping out at an animal shelter which is a place where compassion and kind-heartedness towards animals is necessary, thereby increasing your chances that the guy who likes that about you will notice it immediately.

So there you have it!  The top qualities I’ve observed that help women to get noticed by men.  Every woman that I have met has at least one of these factors if not more or the ability to attain them if necessary.  Think about which category men would most likely put you in as to why you may be attractive to them.  Maybe you’re extraordinarily beautiful or exotic looking.  Maybe you’ve been told that you cook like a champion.  Or maybe you’re just a sweet southern belle whose charm, grace and poise is heavenly.  The idea is to develop of sense of what you believe men like about you and strengthen it, thereby getting you noticed and ultimately the date!

Stay tuned for Part III of the series…

Good Luck!

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